Walking around the suburbs of Manila this morning, the sounds the community offers seem more articulate and pronounced than before.   I want to take it in, I think to myself.   I want to take in the last day of the World Race. I pay attention to the rooster […]

Sitting in the pew behind Weolthu I think about the conversation I witnessed minutes ago between him and his pastor. I fold my arms over the long backrest and ask the worship leader of the Cookhouse Church of Christ, “What are you thinking right now?” Weolthu slouches, with his head […]



In Miami, I have been blessed with an amazing community of loving, supportive and random people. I was surprised with 47 personalized videos at my going away party back in January. Two of my favorite people are Angel and Stephanie, and they left me a visual keepsake filled with inside […]

Staring into the gaping ebony skies of Swaziland one tends to feel small. The canopy that He hung above our eyes prompts one to think more about His sovereignty and less about the problems that seem as unrelenting as the wind atop of the mountains here at El Shaddai. Laying […]

On the tail end of what was an exhaustive yet necessary debrief, whilst on the verge of arriving to South Eastern Africa, I find myself exactly where I need to be: in transition. Knowing where I am yet realizing where I will be has yielded a perspective that has allotted […]



It’s amazing what perspective can bring. Whether it’s to a situation, a conversation, a book, a song, or even a trip. On this side of the world I am two and a half months into what I perceive to be the journey of a lifetime. I believe that the Lord […]



Am I really doing this? Is this really happening? Despite the clarity I had months back, many questions and doubts come to mind as I cross the threshold of my home for the last time before I come back from the World Race in Mid December. How could I possibly […]



The makings of my 27th birthday   – Three family members whose support have left me fully appreciative of the love that not many are privileged to have. – Over eighty friends whose smiles, handshakes, hugs and prayers reminded me of what will be the difference over the next eleven […]



I find myself witnessing a new day. After months of what felt like stumbling to find my way, the evening that lasted far to long has pealed back. Light finally broke the horizon revealing a path that has never been clearer. Four months from now I will be on the […]