The makings of my 27th birthday


– Three family members whose support have left me fully appreciative of the love that not many are privileged to have.
– Over eighty friends whose smiles, handshakes, hugs and prayers reminded me of what will be the difference over the next eleven months.
– Nearly two hundred and seventy Facebook posts filed with warm wishes allude to what I will leave behind in the form of promotional content for dozens of missionaries and global partners around the world.
– Lastly, one thousand three hundred dollars raised that will be the tangible medium allowing me to share all of the above with thousands of brothers and sisters around the world.


It was an incredible birthday and a fantastic night.

I am greatly appreciative of everyone who wished me a warm and well birthday.
Thank you for the time spent.

Thank you for the laughs shared.

Thank you for the photos, texts, support, and of course…

Thank you for the investment that you have made in my life.


You have all played a role in my life, granted some more significant than others, making a difference.


Whether we exchanged conversations for only a few minutes, hours, or have travelled in different states and countries together… The fact is that I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for you being in my life.


And that is really what it’s about right?


Making a difference…

In someones life…

In someones world.


Considering everything that has transpired this past year I recognize that the only thing that really counts in this life is that we make a positive difference in this world.


What’s more positive than to spread the Gospel, both in speech and action, to the those that have never heard it?


To love on people that not many would, to travel thousands of miles while serving the destitute, marginalized and ignored and documenting there stories for the church to respond.


With the time that our Father in Heaven has allotted us, the one thing that matters is that people are loved and experience the fullness of it in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Compassion and dedication that my savior modeled for me, for us, and for you.


I find myself calmer, seasoned, and more ambitious than I have ever been… and I have you to thank for it.


Thank you for supporting me in this next chapter.


I love you all.


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